American River Review 1988 Issue

Fictionarr 88

Mary B. Loves Ophelia-Joy / Jann H. McCord

Lines of Kilter / Geoffrey Nutter

Ojos / Kingsley Andersen

The Prop / Michael Parks

Invasion / Barbara Goldberg

Deep Wailing Razor Boy / Jeffrey M. Kinsley

Back to Oblivion / Thomas J. Balfour


The Bludgeoning Alias / Matt Mulin

versus / Catalin Kaser

John Henry / Guiesseppe A. Jones

Rendering Spirit / David Golz

Man and Earth / Guiesseppe A. Jones

Hour Glasses of the Gods / Jessica L. Zucker

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? / Ric Cole

Insanity Part III / Catalin Kaser

suspension / Ric Cole

Leaving the Nest / N. Douglas Smith

Anarchy / Ric Cole

Torn By a School in Spring / Catalin Kaser

Father / Jack Deveny

The Enchanted Princess / Barbara Goldberg

For My Brother / Jack Deveny

Haven’t We Met? / Mary Linn

Mainspring / Pegg N. Weseloh

Friendship / Ric Cole

On Ardis’s Deck / Katherine Plantaric

Impudence / Janet Moon

Voyeur / Phil Best

Loneliness / Christiane Carr

Exorcism / Matt Mullin

After A While / Catalin Kaser

High School Winners

Determined Little Man / Jack Mahon

The Can Collector / Amy Slagle

The Antidote I Wrote / Erin Taylor

Temporary Blindness / Marcia Djudzman

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