American River Review 1994 Issue

Poetry arr 93
Spring/Morning/Magpie / Tom Goff
Pre-Pre-Nuptial Agreement / Tom Goff
Dutch Door / Tom Goff
New York Critic: Opera Box, Front Balcony, 1907 / Tom Goff
Bird Dog / Pamela Moore
Pink Shell / Pamela Moore
The So Close / Beth Johnson
Riding The Blind Spots / Beth Johnson
Dee Dee’S Laughter / Paige Johnson
Simple Pleasures / Penny Wofford
Kim / Anita Brown
Nightcrawlers / Marcella Strang
Cardboard Boxes / Angela Bredberg
Starthistle / Angela Bredberg
Artichokes On Tuesdays / Lynn Doiron
Measure Me At Midnight Ii / Lynn Doiron
A Gesture / Lynn Doiron
The Polish Madonna / Paul Stefanski
Vacation, Vatican Beach / Nora Staklis
Grandfather Roberts / Nora Staklis
The Rear View Mirror / Melinda Myers
Cold Steel / Julie Ahern
Mother’S Heroin / Sharon Rich Fahning
Her Life, Cumpled Paper / Sharon Rich Fahning
The Play / Marck Allen Harrison
With Anyone Or You / Marck Allen Harrison
Haiku In Thirds / David Bain
Los Angeles Visitation / E. D. Sylvie
Chanson Dejeunesse Doree / Sylvia Mann
Pome / Sylvia Mann
Japanese Dances / Sylvia Mann
All Summer Long / Meg Lombardi-Withers
Chuang Tzu’S Wife Writes A Poem / Meg Lombardi-Withers
Tonight The Tribal Youth / Meg Lombardi-Withers
Summer Sting / S. W. Lawrence
Sky Dance / Jon Heilbron

Typhoon Lily / Penny Wofford
Beth And The Beanstalk / Lynn Doiron
You Just Never Know / Patrick McCabe
Big Buddha And The Beercans / Meg Lombardi-Withers
Flyer / Pamela Moore

Creative Non-Fiction
The Funeral Squad / Meg Lombardi-Withers
Post-Season / Patrick McCabe
A Life Without Birds / Uyen Huong Lam
Searches And Seizures / Nicole Menendez
Songs My Daddy Used Tosing / Penny Wofford
Unmortgaged Salvation / Penny Wofford
Rocking Chair / Pamela Moore
Of Mice And Dreams / Lynn Doiron
The Dream Board / Nora Stakiis
Unfinished Business / Patrick F. McCabe
Spring Sacrifices / Georgia Stevenson

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