American River Review 2007 Issue

She was a Moth / Ryan Little
Human Clear / Ryan Little
We Were Sixteen and I Loved You / Ryan Little
Hungover Walk Home / Ryan Little
Summer Storm / Jessica Mitchell
Highway Two / Barbara Link
Montana Wheat Field / Barbara Link
Salt / Erin King
Hooray for Sexual Awareness Day / Cory Buttler
Driving the Yolo Causeway, February 10 / Carrie Lane
Coloma in September / Carrie Lane
first love, best love / Claire Candesco
Remembering Mama / Claire Candesco
Still Life / Judith Ryan
Pictures of Rodger Roderick Wilbanks / Pamela Downs
Weather It’s Love or Not / Kayla Thayer
Wrong Number / Jamie Mudera
Sweep Dreams / Jamie Mudera
Wadi Street / Jamie Mudera
Spin / Jeremy Brothers
The Poet, with Nothing Nice to Say / TK
Lois / TK
Theo rhetoric (a lie) / Ryan Cicak
Thank the Lord I’m English / Nancy McMahon
Chinatown Communion / Kellie Raines
Clement Street / Kellie Raines
In the Pieces / Kellie Raines

Distinguished Author
Flying Carpets Rusty Junkers / Firoozeh Dumas
An Interview with Firoozeh Dumas / Jenna Amer
Bienvenidos a Newport Beach / Firoozeh Dumas

Fog Off Hunters Point / Joan Taylor
Night Voice / Kylee Cook
Inside a Girl / Edward Zebes
The Captain Cancels His Travel Plans / Pamela Downs
Bargain Hunting / Katc Campbell
Clear View Elementary / Ryan Little

Createive Non-Fiction
The Ethereal Wedding Dress / Barbara Link
Dead Skin, Romance / Cory Buttler
Blackbirds XIV-XVII / Ryan Cicak

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