Remembering How to Write

Remembering How to Write

By Jessica Mitchell


It’s like putting on an old pair of shoes

after a year or more gone;

they were shoved under

the bed still wet, the now-dried

toes have curled up, they

just don’t


It’s like running into an old friend

at the grocery store; over stacks

of celery and apples you

small talk, say you’ll call,

get together sometime,

discordant silences

puppets speaking lines

It’s like forgetting how to get home,

so you wander, searching for deja vu,

waiting for that corner

with the white rock where you found a

dead cat in the rain, age five,

and you searched for its owner,

cold cat body in a towel

with its left eye loose

laid in your red Radio Flyer,

walking door to door holding

your mother’s hand

knowing there was something

to feel sad about

but not knowing how




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