Alumnus Matthew Bowie reading at UC Berkeley

Matthew Bowie was on the staff of the 2016 edition of the American River Review, and he has been published numerous times in the magazine as both a poet and a writer of creative non-fiction. He has since transferred to UC Berkeley and can be seen here reading a selection of his poems at theirContinue reading “Alumnus Matthew Bowie reading at UC Berkeley”

American River Review 1994 Issue

Poetry Spring/Morning/Magpie / Tom Goff Pre-Pre-Nuptial Agreement / Tom Goff Dutch Door / Tom Goff New York Critic: Opera Box, Front Balcony, 1907 / Tom Goff Bird Dog / Pamela Moore Pink Shell / Pamela Moore The So Close / Beth Johnson Riding The Blind Spots / Beth Johnson Dee Dee’S Laughter / Paige JohnsonContinue reading “American River Review 1994 Issue”

Egg Shells, White Daisies

Egg Shells, White Daisies Danielle M. Gorden This is how I knew I’d turned eighteen: in the waiting room at the guidance counselor’s office, the man with the baggy white tee and pouchy, threadbare eyes lifts his head from the water fountain and lets his eyes catch on my neck. He looks me up andContinue reading “Egg Shells, White Daisies”

American River Review 2007 Issue

Poetry She was a Moth / Ryan Little Human Clear / Ryan Little We Were Sixteen and I Loved You / Ryan Little Hungover Walk Home / Ryan Little Summer Storm / Jessica Mitchell Highway Two / Barbara Link Montana Wheat Field / Barbara Link Salt / Erin King Hooray for Sexual Awareness Day /Continue reading “American River Review 2007 Issue”

American River Review 1988 Issue

Fiction Mary B. Loves Ophelia-Joy / Jann H. McCord Lines of Kilter / Geoffrey Nutter Ojos / Kingsley Andersen The Prop / Michael Parks Invasion / Barbara Goldberg Deep Wailing Razor Boy / Jeffrey M. Kinsley Back to Oblivion / Thomas J. Balfour Poetry The Bludgeoning Alias / Matt Mulin versus / Catalin Kaser John Henry /Continue reading “American River Review 1988 Issue”