Bad Poetry is the Basis of all Life On Earth! Without Half-Crazed Freaked Out Poets spewing Inane senseless Verse, like Romans Vomitting at an Orgy, the World Would Be a Sad Place Indeed! To Coleridge, Bukowski, W.Berry and Others, I Raise My Bottle of Cheap Poetry Wine! I Drink Until My Pen Explodes in a Mess of Literacy Emesis                -Bill Leyva (A published poet in our 1990 issue; he might not have been a member of staff, but he was one of us.)      

Word Soup April 2016

Word Soup, sponsored by The American River Review, took place on April 26, 2016. We were treated to readings by frequent American River Review contributor Patty Santucci, acclaimed novelist Christian Kiefer, and poet and former American River Review editor-in-chief Danny Dyer.