American River Review 1995 Issue

Fictionarr 95
Sundresses in the Andes / Deborah Meltvedt
A Little Hope and Half-Rotten Peaches / Penny Wofford
The Incredible Adventures of Margaret Minx / Sylvia Mann
Lips Like White Chocolate / Nora Staklis
Love at Home / Lorraine Miller

Hot Oats / Lynn Doiron
Met My Did-It-Twice Lover / John Heilbron
Mrs. Robles / Tony Swofford
Split / Lorraine Miller
Pandemic / Lorraine Miller
It’s Not A sex Thing / Lorraine Miller
Post-it For Friday / Lorraine Miller
Counting Pennies / Steve Burris
Christmas Cookies / David Matthew Barnes
Daughter’s Dress / Candace Allbee Brown
He Refuses, On First Acquaintance, To Hear Her Self-Disclosure At The Restaurant / Tom Goff
American Beauty / Tom Goff
Original Sin / Nora Staklis
Read Into Me / Nora Staklis
A Summer Below / Marck Allen Harrison
Upstairs at the Dairy Queen / Marck Allen Harrison
Being / Marck Allen Harrison
A Warm Nothing / Marck Allen Harrison
Blue Orthopedic Shoes / Diane Gross
Sour Cream / Diane Gross
Green / Diane Gross
Turtles / Diane Gross
Science, Investments, Pale / Mark Sumner
Analysis / Deborah Meltvedt
Blue / Deborah Meltvedt
Birthday Musings / Jackie Rogers
On The Bathroom Floor / Jackie Rogers
Speak-easy / Karen A. Dalyea
Talkin’ Shit / James Peterson
Cheeseball Haunted House / Sylvia Mann
Sister / Sylvia Mann
Strange Fruit / Sylvia Mann
Writing Center / Sylvia Mann
Forgive Me But / S.W. Lawrence
On An Unlighted Bridge / S.W. Lawrence
Looking Westward / S.W. Lawrence
Multi-colored / S.W. Lawrence
The Dodgers Are Winning / Robert Besneatte
Hard Grape Candy / Robert Besneatte
Love Note / Chris Chandley
Rhythms / Chris Chandley
Decatur Street / Kristine L. LiVecchi
Emil-Heckel Strasse 1943 / Kristine L. LiVecchi

Creative Non-Fiction
Signs Point to No / Mark Sumner
To Kill a King in Carmel / Tom Goff
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa / Penny Wofford
The Winning Sensation / Lynn Doiron

High School Winners
From the Mental Diary of… / Jessica Niles
Checkmate / Jon Dumbelton
A Snack / Gillian Tarkington

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