American River Review 2003 Issue

David Purdy / blue purse
David Purdy / Death Leaves a Small Space
Toshi Casey / Koishii Obaasan
Toshi Casey / Edith, 1937
Toshi Casey / Resurrections
Toshi Casey / In the Volcano House
Regina Tsasis / Peeling
Ben Kaja / Motherland
Ben Kaja / My Lions of Creation
Ben Kaja / Balance
Stephanie Boman / The Two-Ten East at Seven O’clock
Vi Hoang / jitterbug wHam woo
Vi Hoang / Scene Inside the Outside
Daniel Lé / california department of pesticide regulation: 1001 I street
Drake Ewing / Politics of Pissing
Drake Ewing / Crash
Barbara Link / My Clothes
Barbara Link / Dry Creek
Greg Sabin / Blow, Lee Morgan, Blow
Greg Sabin / Pt. Reyes Day Trip
Greg Sabin / Fishing. Northern Territories, Australia
Trish Hopkins / Galway Bay
Elaine Johnson Hesse / Fifth Grade Circa 1974
Janelle Erath / Number 23
Sean Johnson / Jolene
Sean Johnson / Coming to Terms w/ Amy
Sean Johnson / Girl Who Sits in the Front Row and Takes Notes
Jennifer Linarez / To the Boy Who Sits Behind Me
Jennifer Linarez / This is us on Drugs
Andrew Hall / You are Not the Same Father
Lisa Fraser / Camouflage
Rob Roy / Fruits, Vegetables, and Blood Relations
George Hall / Twilight
Cherri Jean Porter / Amendments
Cherri Jean Porter / Dirty Dishes
Brian Scott King / Conversations With a Gap-Toothed Man
Brian Scott King / Amsterdam
Jessica Mitchell / Ripe Thought
Jessica Mitchell / Grief
Jessica Mitchell / San Francisco
Jessica Mitchell / Paper Kite
Sandra Sneeringer / Similes
Sandra Sneeringer / The Artist
Scott Kallen / To the Beach

Jodi Jackson / Feng Shui Man
Trish Hopkins / Plaids
Trish Hopkins / Live Bait
Stacy Clark / Spades
Brian Scott King / Just Beneath Her Throat
Daniel Lé / Broken English
Dale Stromberg / Ulrich Fell
Jeff Brown / Chocolate Pudding Paranoia
Jeff Brown / Postmodern Party
Darbv Larson / Today
Darte Hunt / Josephine Killed America

Creative Non-Fiction
Barbara Link / Marry One of the Sisters
Darte Hunt / Ping Pong with Jesus
Stephanie Boman / Growing a Life
Brian Scott King / The Devil’s Eye
Toehi Casey / Hunger Pains

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