American River Review 2005 Issue

Tonight Omar He / Ramona Soto
Night Out / Ramona Soto
Why I had to Buy the Ring / Ramona Soto
Pajaro / Jonathan Meyer
NYC, 12:03 A.M. / Mirah Lucas
Night into Day / Mirah Lucas
Indiana’s Aerial Seduction / Alice Timmins
Not Quite 13 Ways of Looking at an Abandoned Gas Station / Greg Sabin
Hooked / Greg Sabin
Dress Up / Greg Sabin
Chet Baker’s Fantasy for Trumpet and Hypodermic / Greg Sabin
Visiting Father / Toshi Casey
The Art of Serpatation / Toshi Casey
Our Last Supper / Toshi Casey
Rhythm / Stephanie Boman
As Any / Galen Howard
Agenda of a Supervillian / Akane Allan
One of Many / Akane Allan
The Shattered Clay Pot / Harminder Dhillon
In Land of / Harminder Dhillon
Tomato Pickers / Harminder Dhillon
On Visiting Kishangarh, Punjab / Harminder Dhillon
7/11 / Harminder Dhillon
Mourning in Yuba City / Gayanne Leachmann
The Still That Comes After / Drake Ewing
Release / Tina Royer
First Sex / Tina Royer
Original Sin / Tina Royer
Period / Tina Royer
grandmothering / Violet Edison
Howard Dean at Pike Place Market / Matthew Gold
Neo-Fundamental Religion: A Fascist’s Dream / Brian Scott King
Untitled / Brian Scott King
For the Essential Frog and Toad / David Purdy
Red Hair Revisited / David Purdy
Sunrise at Burning Man / Jennifer Linarez
Suburbia / Kimberly Rathkamp
Colt / Kimberly Rathkamp
Plastic / Kimberly Rathkamp
Clean Cut / Kimberly Rathkamp
First Woman / Kimberly Rathkamp
Grandpa George’s Tapestry / G.W. Hall
Little Man / Trish Hopkins
Parental Affiar / Trish Hopkins
Maternal Pedeastal / Melissa Crisp
Like Any Other Couple / Barbara Link
They Try to Change Each Other / Barbara Link

Camryn Thomas / Welcome Nanny
Chokecherry Girl / Barbara Link
American Chitchat / Nacho Fernandez
Leaves / Trish Hopkins
Pajamas / Trish Hopkins
White Trash Lullaby / Darte Hunt
Listening / Galen Howard
I Want to be Catholic / Jodi Jackson
Open Window / Keith Wilcox
Water Under the Bridge / Keith Wilcox

Creative Nonfiction
The Road Back Home / Brian Scott King
Apple Pie With Rice / Daniel Lé
Tropic of Cancer / Michele Helmar

High School
Efficiency / Alex Nitta
One Pair of Footsteps / Jenae Cohn
Finding A Chord / Jenae Cohn

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