American River Review 2006 Issue

Rembering How to Write / Jessica Mitchell
Starched Shirt / Dianne Instness
Early Morning Mountain Meadow / Ben Kaja
In the Grove of Fair Oaks Park / Ben Kaja
Fresh Fish: Paradise / Ben Kaja
Waiting For Death on a Bed / Ben Kaja
Changes and Rising / Ben Kaja & Andrew Hall
Haiku Collage: Suburban July / Andrew Hall
Eye to the Knothole / Paula Mack
Second to One / Grace Martini
I Thought I Could Stay 10 1/2 Forever / Grace Martini
Battle of a Boy / Mark Morgan
Plan Z / Galen Howard
June 8, 2002—June 29, 2002 / Mirah Lucas
No One Home / Jonathan Meyer
Wandering Seeds / Lisa Palmer
Oh So Smoking Cool: Grape Soda on Custody Days / Karl Holden
Flies Qandahar, 1966 / Nancy McMahon
For J.D. / Nancy McMahon
Channel Crossing / Nancy McMahon
Dream, with Grand Piano and Garbage Disposal / Nancy McMahon
psalm of david / Jacob Israel Chilton
Bar Mitzvah / Jacob Israel Chilton
my antecedent / Jacob Israel Chilton
Tia’s Sestina / Jacob Israel Chilton
Minimum Security / Tina Royer
Cold Snaps / Jason Lee Schilling
Stir / Jason Lee Schilling
In Transit / John Middlesworth
Identity Flares / John Middlesworth
Flight Deck / John Middlesworth
Swordtails and Guppies / Robin Martin
Red Hair Box / Robin Martin
snorkeling on the sea of cortéz / Christina Steurer
Spindled / Sanna Sorrick
Sister Dead Lock / Sanna Sorrick
Soccer in Suburbia / Cassy Moore
Between Ice Cream and Cone / Edward Zebes
Old Woman With an Ice Cream Cone / Claire Candesco

Rows  / Claire Candesco
The Creek / Claire Candesco
A Mother’s Last Good-Bye / Michelle Ocheltree



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