American River Review 2013 Issue


Creative Non-Fictionarr 2013
How to Leave the House of Unhappiness / Viola Allo
The Forest of Suicides / Danny Dyer
Gross Physical Movements / Chakira Parson
Paintings in the Rafters / Dorothy Rice
Portrait of a Young Girl as a Poet / Dorothy Rice

Looking Glass / Michael Charles
Biker’s Journal / Rachel Gardner
In Transit / Alicia Marie Milligan
Out of This World / Curtis Mowry
The Atrocities of Book Collecting / Karin Stevens

Ode to Georgia / Michael Charles
Paradise Trees / Michael Charles
Beatitudes of the Promiscuous / Claire Davis
Definition / Claire Davis
Exploratorium Field Trip / Claire Davis
Water Therapy / Jennifer Doolittle
St. Joan’s Last Night / Danny Dyer                                                                                         Regarding the Cotton Latrine / Samantha Howard
Tittles / Samantha Howard
Dishes / Sarah Jeter
Counting Coins in a Jar / Shawn Lynch
I.L.S. Services Inc.-“Bob” / Robert MacMahon
A Lunch Alone Under Low Canopy / Chakira Parsons
Carpool Home at Sunset / Chakira Parsons
Post-Breakup Fuck / Chakira Parsons
Pale Burn / April Peletta
Balcony Door / Parisa Samadi
A Thursday / Mallory Shaw
Cancer Snot / DJ Stipe
It’s Not What You Think It Is / Sean Ventura

country road four-door / Claire Davis
duvet at her chin / Claire Davis
early afternoon / Claire Davis
Easter brunch– / Claire Davis

wind-chilled clothesline thong / Claire Davis

Distinguished Author
The Apple / Ziaeddin Torabi
Bam / Ziaeddin Torabi
Fruit / Ziaeddin Torabi
The Garden of Tulips / Ziaeddin Torabi
Glasses / Ziaeddin Torabi
Language / Ziaeddin Torabi
Plague / Ziaeddin Torabi
Playing in the Snow / Ziaeddin Torabi
High School Writing Contest
Many Things Indeed / Taylor Avalos
Last Gas / Devin Mosher
Mine / Rebecca Nicholes

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