American River Review 2015 Issue

ARR Cover Photo


14 Dead Dogs / Caitlin Pegar 

The Bitch / Eric Orosco

Hrunting / Anique Bailey

Lady Madonna Folds / Bethanie Humphreys

Leftovers / Isabel Greerer

October Surprise / Diane McCarthy

Peanut Butter and Jelly Days / Bethanie Humphreys

Rangda / Anique Bailey

Speech to the Saginaw County Rotarians / Rachel Gardner


Acting Out:  A Dream / Michelle Lepori

American Sentences (composed during a storm) / Stuart L. Canton

Bareback / “Velvet” Sharon McKenzie

Double Radical / Elaine Lenore

Eleven / Bethanie Humphreys

Irene / Blake Steele

Ode to the very end of piers / Stuart L. Canton

Passion at the Wedding / Caitlin Pegar

The Procrastinator’s Pantoum / Austin Ice

Skin Deep / Caitlin Pegar

Sylvia’s Scissors / “Velvet” Sharon McKenzie

Vacancy / Kourtney Hollomon


Creative Non-Fiction

928 Romeo / C. Gregory

I Killed a Bird Today / Caitlin Pegar

Robin / “Ed” E. Dominguez

Thoughts from the Commode / Tiffany Bush

Window Rain / Carlitta Cole-Kelly

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