American River Review 2017 Issue

Creative Non-Fictionarr 2017
Campsite Two / Juliet Jones
In Due Time / Betsy Harper
Strip Club Fun / Andrey Shamshurin
Withdrawals on a Jailhouse Floor / Joshua David Lacy
Collected Fictions / Matthew Bowie

The Shadow Confronts His Person / Stephen Abel
Donny Osmond Turned From God / Karen Durham
Graffiti / Samantha Marie Daniels
Gardenland / Eric Orosco

An Agnostic, Near Death and Senility / Matthew Bowie
High School Science Experiment (for J. Michael Martinez) / Bethanie Humphreys
Hyde / Liam Bass
Details from Blisé Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016 / Anna Donskova
On Sunrises and Perfect Marriages / Matthew Bowie
The Bookseller’s Pitch / Matthew Bowie
Dear Emily in White / Bethanie Humphreys
Watermark (upon Viewing Raphael’s “The Galley”) / Liam Bass
Clay Pot / Ivy McDonald
July 11th, 1973 / Christopher Domingo
Buzz / Ivy McDonald
Susan’s Opinion, or Point Impressionism / Matthew Bowie
Hope / Eunice Han
someone died by looking for more: e.e. cummings imitation / Matthew Bowie
As If Eaten / Bethanie Humphreys
An Ode to the Chameleon in the Sea / Sean Stevens

Distinguished Author
Equatorial Glaciers / Luis Alberto Urrea

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