Diet of Life / Monroe Scrivner


Add eight ounces of steak
One baked potato drenched in butter
A harmless glass of cheap, red wine—
Chew, mix, and pause
for a breath, or two
Digest accordingly and voila—an arm!

Succulent chocolates at six a.m.
Deep fried pickles, McDonald’s fries—a foot
Cobb salad after a summer evening walk
Berry flaxseed yogurt smoothies
Cheesecake after F∙R∙I∙E∙N∙D∙S—a finger

Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food with T-Swift in November
A winter supply of hot tea
and yoga pants never worn for yoga
Homemade clam chowder—an eye

An evening drive for anything but steak
Spring rolls bursting with cabbage
Pepper jack cheese mixed
into fresh eggs sizzling on the stove—a mouth

Consciousness develops
somewhere between
a Twinkie and raisin-filled trail mix

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