Eleven / Bethanie Humphreys

  1. One cloned
  2. The edge of a bamboo forest
  3. The result of careless shaving
  4. A gymnast’s Olympic dream
  5. The “yuh” sound in Spanish
  6. Fish-eye view of a New England ice skater
  7. A broken ladder
  8. September 10, 2001
  9. A good relationship
  10. A bad relationship (all relationships, really)
  11. Vertical blinds after the hurricane
  12. The road not taken
  13. Pause with me here, until you’re ready to play some more
  14. A pair of neutered exclamation points
  15. Parentheses with the gay prayed out of them
  16. An H on the diet pill from Hell
  17. An anorexic’s dream thighs
  18. My two front teeth, space and all
  19. An unfortunate bottle rocket incident
  20. The missing fingers
  21. The death of the landline
  22. A book, naked of pages

Published by ericorosco

Eric Orosco is 25 years old and tired of waiting for things to happen on their own.

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