Irene / Blake Steele

She came into my life. A pow with clout   

and vibrance. Madness stippling the air,

a risk brewing outside. Breath clings to hair

unlike before. I sink from touch. This doubt

consumes the mind. Her mouth, it forms a shout

which knocks bulwark of hearts down. Lustful stares

entrance my trust. Only her eye will spare

this shattered home from its anguish. A drought  

from cold embrace is what I need. This tide,

a wretched curse that only dawn can break.

For good I set my hate aside. At last

she lets me taste some joy. Mourning the ride

we took by night, warmth comes, and then a shake

through bones. The time we shared left me aghast.

Published by ericorosco

Eric Orosco is 25 years old and tired of waiting for things to happen on their own.

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